Below is a step-by-step process of how our repair process works:

  1. Oldham Collision - EstimatingEstimate – One of our trained and professional estimators will examine the damage to your vehicle and make recommendations on what repairs are necessary. Our estimator will then enter the information gathered into our constantly updated CCC Pathways estimating system. A print out of all repairs and costs is then presented to you and explained in full detail. This excludes any hidden damage that may not be able to be determined until the vehicle has been disassembled.

  2. Insurance approval – In cases where insurance claims are present, a copy of the estimate is sent to the insurance company. The insurance company will either approve our estimate or will come inspect the vehicle themselves. Once terms have been agreed to, repairs can be started.

  3. Disassembly –Our certified technicians begin disassembling damaged parts of your vehicle. If hidden damage is found during this process, supplemental repairs are written up. Again, approval from both you and the insurance company is needed to continue with the new repairs. In some cases, the insurance company may have to return to our facility to examine the supplemental damage.

  4. Oldham Collision Center - Ordering Your PartsOrder Parts – Once all repairs have been approved, parts are ordered. Delivery is usually expected within one business day.

  5. Oldham Collision Center - Reviewing the DamageVehicle Frame/Structure Repair – In instances where your vehicle may have structural damage, our technicians will go to work by using our state-of-the-art computerized laser framing system to measure and pull your vehicle’s frame back to shape.

  6. Oldham Collision Center - Vehicle Body RepairVehicle Body Repair – Once structural repairs are completed, we can begin repairing the cosmetics of your vehicle. In this process panels are either replaced or repaired using the techniques and body repairing materials of our experienced technicians.

  7. Oldham Collision Center - PaintingPaint - Once all body blemishes have been repaired, your vehicle is ready for our paint department. It is here that we utilize ourSikkens paint mixing system to perfectly match the color of your vehicle. First we take extra special care to make sure that we prep our work properly by taping and placing paper around areas not being painted. Then our painter adds the proper layers of basecoat and clear coat to make your investment shine like new!

  8. Oldham Collision Center - Attaching the BumperReassembly –Once all panels have been completely repaired, the process of reattaching and aligning them properly to your vehicle takes place. Your car is now back to shape!

  9. Oldham Collison Center - Cleaning Your Car for DeliveryClean Up – Once all repairs have been completed its time to make it shine! A complete exterior and interior cleaning ensures that you will be looking good when you drive off our lot!

  10. Oldham Collision Center - A Finished ProductDelivery – When you arrive to pick up your vehicle, our staff will perform a complete walk through of all repairs completed and answer any questions that you may have. It is at this point where we want to be sure of your 100% satisfaction. Any concerns pertaining to the repair of your vehicle will be addressed immediately.


In the final step of our repair process we are pleased to hand you back your keys knowing that your car is back to the way you love it!


Oldham Collision Center - ASE